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Watch this video and more on Shakti Shala

Watch this video and more on Shakti Shala

Day 4. Letting go

Welcome series • 24m

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  • Day 5. Deep rest

    This relaxation will signal your body to settle into a state of “rest and digest” by sending healing waves of relaxation throughout your whole body. Pacify the nervous system and start your journey towards deep rest and nourishing sleep.

    You will need: Shakti Mat

  • Day 6. Clarity

    Experience clarity and connection as you redirect your mind from external distractions towards the sensory experience of your body. You will be guided through 61 vital, nerve-rich points on the body, staying present with and breathing into each area. This process will help you reconnect with your...

  • Day 7. Positivity

    Discover a renewed sense of appreciation for yourself, and the world around you as you tap into the healing essence of an inner smile. Achieve a sense of ease and joy within the body as you embrace yourself with a sense of kindness and presence, through seeing the goodness of the present moment. ...